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"SMS" za 17.03.2018.

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"SMS" for 17.03.2018.

is posted odds:10,12




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@ FREE SINGLE @ Archives - 01-31 December , 2017

31.12.2017.    SUNDAY

V.I.P.DOUBLE odds:3,42
NANJING - FUIJANG (Basketball)
Tip - 1h(+8,5)           (1,85) 115:115
*domaći tim neće izgubiti sa više od 8 koševa razlike 
*The home team will not lose more than 8 points difference
KOLOSSOS - PAO (Basketball)
Tip - p.p.1h(+7,5)     (1,85)p.p.29:33
*domaći tim neće izgubiti prvo poluvreme sa više od 7 poena razlike
*the home team will not lose the first half with more than 7 points differencE
**As part of the 12th round of Chinese CBA this weekend and the year, the 14-clashed Nanjing Tongxi and the 15-star Fujian Sturgeonsi meet after the current host celebrated in the first round this month at the beginning of last month (109: 102). Enjoying Fujian is even with the first Zhelin Center, who also starred in the national team and with a complete lineup on the local parquet, managed to lose from the tangled Tongxi, who then had Jones as the second alien who had been defeated because he did not play a defense and is currently playing with Parga, who is a wiser wise player much better and more tactically organized. Behind them are two defeats in the capital of Duck and Dragon, but they previously celebrated with Scole and Shanxi (115: 104) and occasionally know how to pop out of quality as we had a chance to see in Shanghai and in domestic celebrations over one of the main favorites for the title Liaoning and Xinjiang title defender and as hosts we would have to have greater advantage in today's key defeat and this handicap is more than underestimating. Both teams are catching the last straw of salvation after the polusezone pass and are craving to keep up in the fight for play. The host celebrated in the first round of this season's inaugural performance, where some of the favorites for the title including the Xinjiang title defender fell, so it was obvious that a guest of style responds to the host who also has the advantage of not playing one of the star guests of the center and Chinese national team Zhelina 18.2 points on average).
It is interesting that the host managed to celebrate a very difficult performance at Fujian, where they had only four celebrations and eight defeats while on the local parquet in a positive 5-4. They went through certain changes because they were not satisfied with one of the strangers Jones replaced by the experienced Parga, who led Shenzhen last season to the semi-finals of the playoffs. He also has another US scorer and former NBA Hickson, while the team also has the advantage of the third Asian Asian Bahrain as well as of Taiwanese Shu Chou, which will be of great help, especially at home against a guest who has two US imports in his roster. It's a key encounter where one of the teams wins only three of the playoff backlogs before the end of the year and we believe the host can take two points in this friendly matchup and survive this absurd handicap to guests that should not be the favorites.
**Within the tenth round of the Greek Basket League on the island of Rodez, the sixth-placed Kolossos (5-4) and the current Panathinaikos leader are still in the home league (9-0). The home team is already traditionally uncomfortable on their geographically demanding performance for other the teams in the league, including the greats who can from time to time create problems at home and believe that a restful and complete roster in front of their audience can withstand the pressure of an incomplete guest in the first half. Kolossos has at present made three celebrations over Rethymno, AEK and Faros, while they lost only at Olympiakos (54:72) in the match which they held most of the time. What is especially brave for this bet is the fact that the home crowd had made a key celebration in the quarter-finals of Prometheus, which was over 80:76, ​​which was just another win-win of today's host. Panathinaikos has been victorious yet in this part of the season after the holiday season have entered Euroleague defeat at Valencia and although they will want to retake Kolossos to cover this handicap in the first part they will need an above-average shot for three points. They do not have a complete set of features because they lack the first Calathes player as well as another domestic player Mitoglo and also in this match enter after a difficult European match and in not very good form. The home team is known to have a big headache at home and we think that if the PAO and make a big difference, it will happen in the second half as we first think that the host is in too good form and that they can deal with the guest at least at the start of this match what they did last season in the league when they had an equal score in half (46:46).

Behind Panathinaikosa is a tough European match at Euroleague Valencia where they ended the year with 63:67 defeat in Spain while their next encounter after this always uncomfortable show comes four days after the start of the New Year in Euroliga with Efes at home. PAO is currently without two Calathes and Mitoglou players, and we are confident that there is no easy job in the league against a retired host for whom we believe it can withstand the pace at least for the first twenty minutes.
FREE  SINGLE    odds:3,10
Tip - 4+                   (3,100:1
**Poslednji dan u godini je uvek slaba ponuda pa je teško izdvojiti nešto za igru.Ipak evo jednog meča iz Izraela koji nam može doneti dobar dobitak.Hapoel Beer Sheva je svakako veliki favorit danas ali kvota na pobedu gosta je mala Tip-2(1,40) a svi znate da TAURUNUM1X2  uvek igra kvote u singlu preko 2,25.Statistika nam govori da je H.Beer Sheva ubedljiv kada gostuje Askhelonu.U poslednjih 7 gostovanja skor je 5-1-1 u korist H.Ber Sheva.U svakoj pobedi je H.Beer Sheva dao najmanje dva gola ,pa čak i kada je bilo nerešeno a u poslednja tri gostovanja dali su čak 14 golova i svaki put su demolirali domaći tim.Zbog toga mislim da je najrealniji znak danas 
Tip-2&2+(1,75) (gost pobeđuje i daje najmanje dva gola) ,ali kao što rekoh ovo je kvota koja nas ne zadovoljava i zbog toga ćemo predložiti igru na golove danas.Tip- 4+(3,10) odlično plaća i poslednjeg dana u godini sebi možemo dozvoliti luksuz da malo više rizikujemo.Srećno svima koji me prate.
**The last day of the year is always low, so it is difficult to sort out something to play. Even here is a match from Israel that can make us a good win. Hapoel Beer Sheva is certainly a great favorite today but the odds on the winner is small Tip-2 (1,40) and everyone knows that TAURUNUM1X2 always plays the odds in the singles over 2.25. Statistics tells us that H.Beer Sheva is keen on visiting Askhelon. In the last 7 appearances, the score is 5-1-1 in favor of H.Ber Sheva. each victory had H.Beer Sheva at least two goals and even when he was unlucky and in the last three appearances he scored 14 goals and each time they demolished the home team. Because of that I think the most realistic sign of today is Tip-2&2+(1, 75) (the guest wins and gives at least two goals), but as I said this is the odds that does not meet us and we will propose the game to the goals today.Tip-4+(3,10) is well paid and the last day of the year itself we can afford the luxury to risk a little more.Good luck to all who accompany me.
Head-to-head matches: ASHKELON - H. BEER SHEVA
06.11.16 LH Ashkelon H. Beer Sheva 1 : 5
30.07.16 TOT Ashkelon H. Beer Sheva 0 : 5
12.03.11 LH Ashkelon H. Beer Sheva 3 : 4
09.11.10 TOT Ashkelon H. Beer Sheva 3 : 0
12.05.07 LL   Ashkelon H. Beer Sheva 1 : 3
30.12.06 LL   Ashkelon H. Beer Sheva 2 : 2
21.01.06 LL   Ashkelon H. Beer Sheva 1 : 2
30.12.2017.    SATHURDAY

V.I.P.SINGLE odds:2,40
IPSWICH - DERBY (England 2)
Tip - 2                   (2,401:2 
**Tvrd meč očekuje nas danas u Championshipu.Derby odlično igra ove sezone i trenutno je na poziciji broj 5 sa učinkom 13-6-5 i osvojenih 45 bodova.Derby posebno dobro igra u gostima jer nisui izgubili meč još od Septembra meseca tačnije popslednjih 8 mečeva kao gost i u tom periodu imaju skor 5-3-0. Ipswich je trenutno na poziciji broj 10 sa skorom 11-3-10 i osvojenih 36 bodova.Ono što je zanimljivo za ovaj par je da su u međusobnim mečevima polsednje tri sezone pobeđivali isključivo gostujući timovi a čak 5 mečeva završeno je rezultatom 0:1.Prema kvoti i trenutnoj formi Derby je favorit mada kod Engleza to nema nekog značaja ali mi ćemo ipak odigrati Tip-2 (2,40) a za one koji vole da rizikuju i vole veće kvote predlažem kao singl za manji ulog igru na tačan rezultat Tip-0:1 (7,50) pa ćemo videti da li će se tradicija pobeda gostujućih timova nastaviti i na boxing day.
**A tough match is expected today at the Championship. Debyld has a great game this season and is currently in position number 5 with an effect of 13-6-5 and scored 45 points. Deby is especially good at the away because he has not lost the match since September of the month or more in the last 8 matches as a guest and in that period have a score of 5-3-0. Ipswich is currently in position number 10 with a score of 11-3-10 and scored 36 points. What is interesting for this pair is that only three teams have been defeated by the team only for the three seasons, and even five matches ended with a score of 0: 1. According to the odds and the current form Derby is the favorite although England does not matter, but we will still play Tip-2 (2.40)and for those who like to risk and like bigger odds I suggest as a single for a smaller bet of the game to the correct scoreTip -0:1(7.50) so we will see whether the tradition of winning the visiting teams will continue on the boxing day.
Head-to-head matches: IPSWICH - DERBY
28.11.17 CHA Derby Ipswich 0 : 1

31.01.17 CHA Ipswich Derby 0 : 3


13.09.16 CHA Derby Ipswich 0 : 1

07.05.16 CHA Derby Ipswich 0 : 1


19.12.15 CHA Ipswich Derby 0 : 1

10.01.15 CHA Ipswich Derby 0 : 1
V.I.P.SINGLE odds:3,15
Tip - 2                   (3,1530:30
**Evo jednog singla iz rukometa.U pitanju je Nemačka ženska liga tako da ovaj meč svakako uzmite sa rezervom.Infromacije koje sam dobio u vezi ovog meča kažu mi da ovde treba da pobedi gostujuća ekipa ali kao što rekoh nepoznato mi je ko i kako igra i nemam previše podataka.Ipak evo male analize za one koji žele da pokušaju da odigraju ovaj meč.Oba tima su na dnu tabele.Posle 8 rundi domaći tim ima samo jednu pobedu i osvojena 2 boda dok je gostujuća ekipa lošija i imaju samo jedan nerešen meč i osvojen 1 bod.Od njih je jedino gora najlošija ekipa u ligi Rodertal koja ima svih 8 poraza.Da se vratimo na naš meč.Poslednja četiri međusobno odigrana meča pobeđivala je gostujuća ekipa pa se nadam da će se ova tradicija nastaviti i danas.Tip -2(3,15) odlično plaća i vredi pokušati odigrati ovaj meč za srednji ulog.Srećno  svima koji prate.
**Here is a single handball player. It is a German women's league so this match is definitely taken with the reserve. The information I received in connection with this match tells me that here needs to win the guest team but as I said unknown to me who and how to play and I do not have too much data. Here's a little analysis for those who want to try to play this match. Both teams are at the bottom of the table.After eight rounds home team has only one win and scored 2 points ,but the visiting team is worse and have only one unsuccessful match and scored 1 point. Of them, only the worst team in the Rodertal team has all 8 defeats. We will return to our match.The last four games played against each other were defeated by the visiting team and I hope this tradition will continue today.Tip -2 (3.15) excellent pay and try to play this match for the middle bet. Luckily for everyone who follows.

27.02.16 2BUN Bensheim-Auerbach W Nellingen W 29 : 27

24.10.15 2BUN Nellingen W Bensheim-Auerbach W 25 : 28

01.05.15 2BUN Nellingen W Bensheim-Auerbach W 27 : 28

13.12.14 2BUN Bensheim-Auerbach W Nellingen W 28 : 24
Tip - GG&3+               (2,454:2 
**Prvi singl za danas dolazi nam ponovo iz treće Italijanske lige i oponovo ćemo da jurimo golove jer kao što sam ranije napomenuo kvote na golove u nižim Italijanskim ligama su uvek veće u odnosu na neke druge lige.U poslednjih 5 međusobnih mečeva današnjih rivala četiri puta smo imali dobitnu kombinaciju 3+ (over 2,5) dok je na 3 od 5 mečeva dobitna je bila predložena kombinacija GG&3+.Posle 19 rundi Arezzo ima gol razliku 24:21 odnosno približno isti broj postignutih i primljenih golova ,što nam daje prosek od 2,26 golova po meču.Sa druge strane G.Erminio imaju gol razliku 34:27 što nam daje prosek  od čak 3,21 golova po meču što je zaista dobar prosek za treću Italijansku ligu.Sve u svemu ovde se očekuju golovi jer oba tima igraju prilično otvoreno i nadam se da će stattistika međusobnih mečeva i danas biti dobitna.Kvota na Tip-GG&3+(2,45) je vrlo dobra i vredi je iskoristii.
**The first single is coming back to us from the third Italian league today, and we will be able to score goals because, as I mentioned earlier, the odds on goals in the lower Italian league are always higher than in some other league. In the last five matches of today's rivals we have four times had a winning combination of 3+ (over 2,5) while at 3 of 5 matches was the proposed combination of GG & 3 +. After 19 rounds, Arezzo scored 24:21 or approximately the same number of goals scored and received, giving us an average of 2 , 26 goals per match. On the other hand, G. Erminio have a great difference 34:27 which gives us an average of even 3.21 goals per match which is really good prospect for the third Italian league. All in all there are expected goals since both teams they play quite openly and I hope that the stattists of each other's matches will be winning today. The tip of the GG & 3 + (2.45) is very good and the value is used.
Head-to-head matches: AREZZO - GIANA ERMINIO
02.09.17 SC Giana Erminio Arezzo 2 : 3
08.04.17 SC Arezzo Giana Erminio 3 : 3
25.11.16 SC Giana Erminio Arezzo 0 : 0
11.01.15 SC Giana Erminio Arezzo 0 : 3
24.09.14 SC Arezzo Giana Erminio 2 : 1
FREE  SINGLE    odds:2,90
Tip - GG&3+               (2,901:3 
**Drugi singl dana ponovo ćemo igrati Italijane.Meč serie A između totalnog autsajdera tima Verona protiv velikog favorita Juventusa.Kvota na pobedu gosta je smešno mala i Tip-2(1,23) ne bih odigrao nikada.Poenta je da kada kladionice daju ovako male kvote uvek potražiti alternativu protiv favorita.Ovog puta ćemo se kao i obično pozabaviti statistikom i pokušati da pronađemo veću kvotu koja bi nam donela i veću zaradu.Verona je trenutno na pretposlednjem mestu na tabeli i verovatno će se do kraja šampionata boriti za opstanak.Juventus kao i uvek koristi kikseve rivala i sada se približio vrhu i naravno juri kao i obično titulu.Ono što je zanimljivo za ovaj meč i zbog čega sam se odlučio baš za ovu igru su sledeće činjenice.Poslednjih 7 međusobnih mečeva završeno je u rasponu golova 3+ (over 2,5) i na ovu igru kvota je 1,70 tako da oni koji ne žele da rizikuju mogu odigrati i ovaj over.Na 5 od pomenutih 7 mečeva mogli smo videti kao dobitak predloženiu igru GG&3+ (2,90) pri čemu treba znati da je svaki put ova igra bila dobitna kada je Verona bila domaćin kao što je to slučaj danas.Očekujem nastavak tradicije odnosno pobedu Juventusa sa dosta golova u igri u kojoj će Verona postići minimum jedan gol.Tip-GG&3+(2,90) odlično plaća i mislim da će ovo danas biti jedan lagano ostvareni profit.
**The second single day we will be playing the Italians again. The Serie A between the team's total team-mates Verona against the big Juventus favorite. The victory on the guest's victory is a bit small and the Tip-2 (1.23) I would never play. It is important that when the bettors give this Quota always look for an alternative to the favorites. This time we will usually be dealing with statistics and try to find a bigger quota that would bring us more profit. The crowd is currently in the foreground on the table and will probably end up in the championship to fight for survival. Juventus as he always uses the cheeks rivals and is now approaching the top and naturally jures as usual. What is interesting for this match and why I decided for this game are the following facts. The last 7 matches were completed in the range of goals 3+(over 2,5) and on this game the odds are 1,70 so those who do not want to risk can also play this over.Na 5 of the mentioned 7 matches we could see as the gain of the proposed game GG & 3+ (2.90), and it should be known that this game was always beneficial when Verona was hosted as it is today. I expect a continuation of the tradition or victory of Juventus with a lot of goals in the game where Verona will score at least one goal .
Tip-GG&3+(2.90) is well paid and I think this will be a slight profit today.
Head-to-head matches: VERONA - JUVENTUS
08.05.16 SA Verona Juventus 2 : 1
06.01.16 SA Juventus Verona 3 : 0
30.05.15 SA Verona Juventus 2 : 2
18.01.15 SA Juventus Verona 4 : 0
15.01.15 COP Juventus Verona 6 : 1
09.02.14 SA Verona Juventus 2 : 2
22.09.13 SA Juventus Verona 2 : 1
FREE  SINGLE    odds:3,20
Tip - 1                        (3,201:0 
**Da li će Benevento posle 18 rundi uspeti da ostvari prvu pobedu u istoriji kluba u Seriji A videćemo danas.Nećemo mngo filozofirati o ovom meču ,jednostavno jurimo prvu pobedu Beneventa ikada jer danas za protivnika imaju ekipu Chievo koja je u seriji 0-2-3 u gostima.Tip- 1(3,20) dobro plaća i može se odigrati za neki srednji ulog.
**Will Benevento after 18 rounds succeed to win the first victory in the history of the club in Serie A we will see today. We will not be able to philosophize about this match, we simply run the first Benevent victory ever since today's opponents have Chievo team which is in series 0-2-3 away. 
Tip-1(3,20) is well paid and can be played for some middle bet.
FREE  SINGLE    odds:3,60
Tip - GG&4+              (3,601:2
**Po meni ovde je sigurna opcija na golove igra Tip-GG&3+(2,25) koja uopšte ne plaća loše i ko želi može igrati i ovako.Ipak kao i uvek TAURUNUM1X2 predlaže veću kvotu i igru Tip-GG&4+(3,60) koja plaća odlično i koja Iizgleda veoma realna ukoliko se pozabavimo statistikom međusobnih mečeva.
**There is a safe option for me on the goals of the Tip-GG&3+(2.25), which does not pay the bad and who can play this way. As always, TAURUNUM1X2 suggests a bigger bet and the 
Tip-GG&4 +(3.60) excellent and that looks very realistic if we deal with the statistics of each other's matches.
Head-to-head matches: BARROW - SOLIHULL
15.08.17 VNL Solihull Barrow 3 : 3
25.03.17 VNL Solihull Barrow 2 : 4
19.11.16 VNL Barrow Solihull 2 : 1
14.02.15 VNL Barrow Solihull 1 : 3
30.08.14 VNL Solihull Barrow 3 : 4
29.12.2017.    FRIDAY


V.I.P. SINGLE odds:2,60
Tip - 1                       (2,603:1
**Danas imamo jedan derbi u Saudijskoj Arabiji.Četvrtoplasirani Al Nasr Riyadh protiv drugoplasiranog na tabeli Al Ahli.Tip-1(2,60) odlično plaća a ovaj singl igram iz jednog razloga a to je informacija da su gosti danas opterećeni sa dosta izostanaka.Za Al Ahli danas neće igrati: Al Soma (10/10g) i Al Jassim (5+1/1g) su još uvijek povređeni. Oboabona (9/0) i Al Mogahvi (13+2/3g) su suspendovani. Al Moasher (1+6/0) I Al Jamaan (2+4/1g) igraju Gulf Kup za Saudijsku Arabiju. Najbolji igrač Leonardo (11+1/7g) je trenutno u Brazilu zbog ličnih razloga i nije verovatno da će igrati danas.Al Nasr je znao i ranije da pobeđuje Al Ahli tako da će danas učiniti sve da da iskoriste izostanke gosta i pobede velikog gradskog rivala u derbiju Rijada.
**Today we have a derby in Saudi Arabia. The quarter-finals of Al Nasr Riyadh against the second-placed Al Ahli.Tip-1 (2.60) pay great and this single I play for one reason and it is information that guests are now burdened with plenty of absenteeism. Al Ahli will not play today: Al Soma (10 / 10g) and Al Jassim (5 + 1 / 1g) are still injured. Oboabona (9/0) and Al Mogahvi (13 + 2 / 3g) were suspended. Al Moasher (1 + 6/0) And Al Jamaan (2 + 4 / 1g) play the Gulf Cup for Saudi Arabia. The best player Leonardo (11 + 1 / 7g) is currently in Brazil for personal reasons and is unlikely to play today. Nasr knew earlier than he was waging Al Ahli so he would do anything to exploit his absenteeism and victory over the big city rival in the derby of Riyadh.

head-to-head matches: AL NASR RIYADH - AL AHLI SC

21.10.16 SPL Al Nasr Riyadh Al Ahli SC 1 : 0

15.02.16 SPL Al Nasr Riyadh Al Ahli SC 1 : 1

22.03.15 SPL Al Nasr Riyadh Al Ahli SC 3 : 4

29.12.13 SPL Al Nasr Riyadh Al Ahli SC 3 : 1

18.04.13 SPL Al Nasr Riyadh Al Ahli SC 2 : 2

05.01.12 SPL Al Nasr Riyadh Al Ahli SC 1 : 3

21.10.10 SPL Al Nasr Riyadh Al Ahli SC 2 : 1

30.01.10 SPL Al Nasr Riyadh Al Ahli SC 1 : 1

14.09.08 SPL Al Nasr Riyadh Al Ahli SC 2 : 1

24.01.08 SPL Al Nasr Riyadh Al Ahli SC 2 : 1
Tip - GG&4+                (3,202:2
**Kao FREE singl GG&3+  za danas je bio postavljen meč treće Italijanske lige SUDTIROL-PORDENONE ali je meč odložen i ko želi može da odigra ovaj singl koji je postavljen kao zamena.Meč se igra u oklviru Arabian Gulf Cupa i sada je play-off meč u pitanju gde onaj ko izgubi ispada.U međusobnim mečevima današnjih rivala imali smo prilike da viđamo dosta golova pa se nadam da će tako biti i danas bez obzira na važnost meča za oba tima.Al Wasl kada je domaćin dosta je efikasan i oni su čak 11 poslednjih mečeva kod kuće odigrali kao over 2,5 od čega je 7 puta dobitan bio gore predloženi znak a čak dva puta je bio dobitan over 6,5 golova.Mislim da je sigurno danas odigrati GG&3+(2,05) i ko želi može da izabere ovu manju kvotu.Ipak vi znate da TAURUNUM1X2 uvek bira težu igru i zbog toga moj predlog je Tip-GG&4+ (3,20) oba tima daju gol & 4+ kvota koja mnogo bolje plaća i vredna je rizika.Srećno svima koji me prate.
**As a FREE single GG&3+ for today there was a match for the third Italian League SUDTIROL-PORDENONE but the match was postponed and whoever could play this single that was set as a substitute. The game is played in the Arabian Gulf Cup and is now a play-off match in the question where the one who loses turns out.In the interplay of today's rivals we have had the opportunity to see a lot of goals and hope that will still be today regardless of the importance of the match for both teams.Al Wasl when the host is fairly efficient and they are even 11 the last matches at home played like over 2.5, of which 7 times the winner was the above sign and even twice got over 6.5 goals. I think it is safe today to play GG&3+(2.05) and who he wants can choose this smaller odds. Even if you know that TAURUNUM1X2 always chooses a tough game and because of that my suggestion is Tip-GG &4+(3,20) (Both teams give a goal & over 3,5) -a quota that is much better paid and worth the risk.Good luck for everyone who follows me.
Head-to-head matches: AL WASL - AL NASR
14.10.16 LEA Al Wasl Al Nasr 2 : 1
28.01.16 LEA Al Wasl Al Nasr 3 : 2
20.02.15 LEA Al Wasl Al Nasr 2 : 2
05.04.14 LEA Al Wasl Al Nasr 1 : 2
03.03.14 AGC Al Wasl Al Nasr2 : 3
28.12.2017.    THUERSDAY

V.I.P. SINGLE odds:3,20
Tip - GG&4+                   (3,203:3
**Idemo malo do jedne egzotične lige Saudi Arabia koju vole da zovu i Premier Liga.U današnjem meču možemo očekivati dosta golova kako je već i tradicija kada se međusobno sastaju ova dva tima.Od poslednjih 8 mečeva čak 7 puta smo mogli videti GG&3+ (2,05) a svih 8 puta 3+(1,75) što je i predLog na SMS tiketu.Ja danas očekujem reviju golova i u tom smislu predlog će biti GG&4+(3,20)kvota koja je odlična i koja je vrlo realna.Ko ne želi da rizikuje može kao što sam već napomenuo odigrati GG&3+.
**Let's go to just one exotic league of Saudi Arabia they like to call them the Premier League. Today's match we can expect a lot of goals as it is already a tradition when these two teams meet. From the last eight games we could see seven times GG&3+(2, 05) and all 8 times 3+(1.75) which is also a prefix on the SMS ticket. Today I expect a goal roll and in that sense the proposal will be GG&4+(3.20) quota which is excellent and very realistic. Who don't wants to risk can as I have already mentioned to play GG&3 +.
Head-to-head matches: AL-ITTIHAD FC - AL-FAYSALY

15.09.17 SPL Al-Faysaly Al-Ittihad FC 2 : 1

29.04.17 SPL Al-Ittihad FC Al-Faysaly 2 : 2

10.12.16 SPL Al-Faysaly Al-Ittihad FC 2 : 4

13.02.16 SPL Al-Faysaly Al-Ittihad FC 1 : 3

19.09.15 SPL Al-Ittihad FC Al-Faysaly 1 : 2

12.02.15 SPL Al-Faysaly Al-Ittihad FC 0 : 3

08.08.14 SPL Al-Ittihad FC Al-Faysaly 2 : 1

31.01.14 SPL Al-Ittihad FC Al-Faysaly 1 : 2

25.10.13 SPL Al-Faysaly Al-Ittihad FC 3 : 0

25.01.13 SPL Al-Faysaly Al-Ittihad FC 0 : 2

27.08.12 SPL Al-Ittihad FC Al-Faysaly 2 : 2

15.03.12 SPL Al-Faysaly Al-Ittihad FC 0 : 1

18.11.11 SPL Al-Ittihad FC Al-Faysaly 4 : 2

16.12.10 SPL Al-Ittihad FC Al-Faysaly 3 : 3

20.08.10 SPL Al-Faysaly Al-Ittihad FC 0 : 2

10.05.07 SPL Al-Ittihad FC Al-Faysaly 5 : 2

15.12.06 SPL Al-Faysaly Al-Ittihad FC 1 : 5

Tip - 1                         (2,402:1
**Pre novogodišnje pauze odigraće se još jedno kolo Italijanske SerIa B.Virtus Entella je na dnu tabele na poziciji broj 20 i kako stvari stoje boriće se za opstanak do kraja sezone.Sa druge strane je Novara koja je udaljena samo 3 boda od Entella tako da će ovo na neki način biti borba za beg sa dna tabele.Ne mislim da ovde ima neke saradnje između klubova mada se nikada ne zna sa Italijanima, ali je interesantno da je u sva četiri do sada međusobno odigrana meča pobeđivao domaći tim.Entella je ugroženija i ukoliko danas pobede dostići će svog rivala na tabeli po broju bodova.Tip-1(2,40) sasvim dobro plaća i vredan je rizika.
**Before the New Year's break, another round of the Italian Serie B.Virtus Entella is at the bottom of the table at position number 20 and how things are struggling to survive by the end of the season. On the other hand Novara is just 3 points away from Entella so this would in some way be a struggle for beg from the bottom of the table. I do not think there is any cooperation between the clubs although they never know about the Italians, but it is interesting that in all four matches played against each other at this time. if he wins today, he will reach his rivals on the table by the number of points.Tip-1 (2.40) is well paid and worth the risk.
 Head-to-head matches: ENTELLA - NOVARA
13.05.17 SB Novara Entella 2 : 0
24.12.16 SB Entella Novara 4 : 1
31.01.16 SB Entella Novara 1 : 0
19.09.15 SB Novara Entella 1 : 0
V.I.P. SINGLE    odds:3,15
Tip - 1                         (3,15)  3:1
**Meč koji počinje dosta rano u 13:00 časova po srednjeevropskom vremenu i meč koji se nalazi na SMS tiketu kao dupla šansa Tip-1X, a evo i razloga zbog čega:
Basaksehir je poslao na odmor većinu svojih zvezda odnosno igrače koji su bili nosioci igre ove sezone i koji su napravili najveći uspeh u istoriji kluba.Prošle sezone po prvi put od kada postoji Basaksehir se plasirao u neko Evropsko takmičenje,i ne samo što su se plasirali u Evropu nego će tu i da prezime jer su prošli uspešno kroz grupnu fazu u Ligi Evrope.Zbog toga je razumljivo što su dali mali odmor glavnim igračima i danas će nastupiti sa dosta izmena.U ovoj fazi kupa igra se dva meča na ispadanje tako da će Basaksehir ukoliko ih kup takmičenje interesuje svoju šansu tražiti u revanšu na svom stadionu.Danas za Besaksehir neće igrati:Epurean (odbrana); Caicara(odbrana);Chedjou (odbrana);Clichi(sredina);Mossoro(sredina) Visca(srdina) Adebajor (napad); Elija (napad).Sa druge strane je ambiciozna ekipa Giresun koja odlično igra u drugoj ligi i boriće se do kraja sezone ili za direktan plasman u prvu ligu Turske ili kroz play-off.Treba znati i da je Giresun u seriji od 5 pobeda u poslednjih 6 mečeva u šampionatu kao domaćin, danas će biti kompletni i sigurno je da će imati motivaciju protiv ekipe koja dve sezone igra u kontinuitetu dobro.Tip-1X koji je na SMS tiketu po meni je siguran a ova analiza služi za one koji žele da pokušaju veću kvotu i da rizikuju i igraju na domaći tim-Tip-1(3,15) plaća odlično i vredan je rizika.
Tip - X                         (2,90)  1:0
Tip - 1:1                      (6,25)  1:0
**Ne znam da li je u pitanju neka sarradnja između klubova ,ali definitivno je neobična statistika kada su današnji rivali u pitanju.Na čak 9 od poslednjih 10 međusobnih mečeva videli smo na kraju nerešen rezultat.Zbog toga prvi predlog je Tip-X(2,90) - napominjem da je ovo kvota koja sje u kladionici (PINN BET) iz koje su sve ostale kvot , dok se u ostalim kladionicama kvota na Tip-X kreće od 2,65 - 2,85.
Još jedan zanimljivost vezana za ovaj par je ta što je poslednjih 5 međusobnih mečeva kada je Berkane bio domaćin završeno identičnim rezultatima 1:1 tako da će to biti moj drugi predlog Tip-1:1 tačan rezultat ,gde se kvota kreće od 6,00 - 6,25 koliko je u našoj kladionici.
Ko želi može da pokuša.Srećno svima koji me prate
**I do not know if this is a co-operation between the clubs, but it is definitely unusual statistics when it comes to today's rivals. Even nine of the last 10 matches we have finally seen an unfinished result. Because of this, the first suggestion is Tip-X (2, 90) - Please note that this is the quota in  PINN BET  from which all the other odds are, while in other bet type bets, Tip-X ranges from 2.65 to 2.85.
Another interesting thing about this pair is that of the last five matches when Berkane was hosted with identical results of 1:1 so this would be my second suggestion of Tip-1:1 the correct score, where the odds range from 6.00 - 6,25 how much is in our bookmaker.
Who wants to be able to try it .Good luck to everyone who follows me.
Head-to-head matches: BERKANE - RAJA CASABLANCA
07.05.17 BOT Berkane Raja Casablanca 1 : 1

12.12.16 BOT Raja Casablanca Berkane 1 : 1

30.04.16 BOT Berkane Raja Casablanca 1 : 1

12.12.15 BOT Raja Casablanca Berkane 1 : 0

19.05.15 BOT Raja Casablanca Berkane 1 : 1

28.12.14 BOT Berkane Raja Casablanca 1 : 1

23.02.14 BOT Berkane Raja Casablanca 1 : 1

29.09.13 BOT Raja Casablanca Berkane 0 : 0

21.05.13 BOT Berkane Raja Casablanca 1 : 1

Head-to-head matches: BERKANE - RAJA CASABLANCA
07.05.17 BOT Berkane Raja Casablanca 1 : 1
30.04.16 BOT Berkane Raja Casablanca 1 : 1
28.12.14 BOT Berkane Raja Casablanca 1 : 1
23.02.14 BOT Berkane Raja Casablanca 1 : 1
21.05.13 BOT Berkane Raja Casablanca 1 : 1

Tip - 1                         (3,80)
**Dobro je poznato da se sa nižim Engleskim ligama nikada ništa ne zna ali hajde da danas pokušamo jedan jak singl meč koji nam dolazi iz četvrte Engleske lige - takozvane Lige Two.Morecambe je u seriji od 4 uzastopne pobede kod kuće protiv Notts County.Trenutno se nalaze pri dnu tabele i svaka pobeda im je dragocena u borbi za opstanak.Sa druge strane je Notts County koji je dugo bio na prvom mestu ali poslednjih 7 rundi oni nemaju pobedu kao gosti i to ih je koštalo vodeće pozicije na tabeli.Danas igramo isključivio na statistiku i potrebu ekipe Morecambe za tri velika boda i prvi predlog je Tip-1(3,80) kvota koja fantastično plaća.Drugi predlog ko želi da pokuša je igra Tip -t1 2+(3,30) - domaći tim daje najmanje dva gola na meču, jer je Morecambe dao dva gola ekipi Notts County u poslednjih 5 od 6 mečeva bez obzira da li su bili domaćini ili gosti.
**It is well known that he has nothing to do with the lower English league, but let's try today a strong single match coming out of England's fourth league - the so-called League Two. Themore is in a series of 4 consecutive victories at home against Notts County. are at the bottom of the table and every victory is precious in the struggle for survival. On the other hand, Notts County has long been in the first place but in the last 7 rounds they have no victory as guests and it has cost them the leading positions on the table. Today we play excluded to the statistics and the needs of the Team for three big points and the first suggestion is the Tip-1 (3.80) odds that fantastic pay. The other player who wants to try is the Game Tip-1 2+ (3.30) - the home team gives the least two goals in the match because Morecambe gave two goals of Notts County in the last 5 of the 6 matches regardless of whether they were hosts or guests.
Head-to-head matches: MORECAMBE - NOTTS COUNTY 07.01.17 LT Morecambe Notts County 4 : 1 29.08.15 LT Morecambe Notts County 4 : 1 19.09.09 LT Morecambe Notts County 2 : 1 18.04.09 LT Morecambe Notts County 1 : 0
Tip - 1/1                     (2,60)1:0;2:0
**Prošlogodišnji šampion Hapoel Beer Sheva polako sustiže timove sa vrha.Oni su se dosta istrošili na počletku sezone u kvalifikacijama za Ligu Šampiona a kasnije i u takmičenju u grupnoj fazi Lige Evrope gde su ispali od Plzena iz Češke.Sada mogu da se posvete obavezama u šampionatu i pokušaju da odbrane titulu.Trenutno su napoziciji broj 3 ali samo dva poena udaljeni od vodećeg tima Hapoela iz Haife ali i sa jednim mečom manje.Današnjom pobedom bili bi prvi na tabeli i sa realnim izgledaima da u nastavku sezone ponovo jurišaju na titulu.U goste im dolazi protivnik koji je u očajnoj formi posebno kada gostuje.Maccabi iz Haife još uvek nema pobedu kao gost u sezoni i po tome su jedan od najlošijih gostujućih timova.Hapoel Beer Sheva je u seriji od 4 uzastopne pobede protiv Maccabia i mislim da će i danas trijumfovati kao i da će meč rešiti već u prvom poluvremenu.Kvota na Tip-1(1,65) nije loša ali kao što znate uvek igram veću kvotu pa će tako biti i danas.Tip-1/1 (2,60) dobro plaća i vredi iskoristiti ovaj singl.
**Last year's Champion Hapoel Beer Sheva slowly flocked to the top of the team. They had plenty of fun in the Champions League qualifying season, and later in the group stage of the Europa League where they dropped out of Plzen from the Czech Republic. Now they can be committed to the championship and they are trying to defend the title. They are only number 3 but only two points away from the leading team of Hapoel from Haifa but with one match less. Today's victory would be the first on the table and with realistic looks to re-run the title in the following season. the adversary is in desperate form, especially when they are away. The Haccabi Haifa still has no victory as a guest in the season and is one of the worst guest teams. Hapoel Beer Sheva is in a series of 4 consecutive victories against Maccabi and I think that today's triumph as well as the match will be resolved already in the first half. The tip of the Tip-1 (1.65) is not bad, but as you know, I always play a bigger quota so it will still be today. Tip-1/1 (2.60) is well paid and willing to use this single.

Tip - 3+                       (2,60) 4:0
**U siromašnoj ponudi danas skoknućemo malo do Iranske lige koja je inače poznata kao jedna od najneefikasnijih liga.Ipak današnji protivnici su jedan od retkih parovau ovoj ligi čiji mečevi završavaju sa više golova pa je tako predloženi znak za danas bio dobitan u 7 od poslednjih 8 mečeva a člak u 9 od 11 poslednjih međusobnih mečeva.Poslednji meč je završen rezultatom 1:0 ali je tada domaćin bio Sanat Naft.U ptincipu kada je Esteghlal domaćin redovno viđamo 3 ili više golova i nadam se da će tradicija i danas biti ispoštovana.Kvota na Tip -3+(2,60) je odlična a oni koji vole veće kvote mogu da pokušaju igru Tip -GG&3+(3,35)
**In the poorest offer we are leaping to the Iranian league, which is otherwise known as one of the most inevitable league. Even today's opponents are one of the rare pairs of this league whose matches end with more goals so the proposed sign for today was gained in 7 of the last 8 games and the ball in 9 of the 11 most recent matches.The next match ended with a score of 1: 0 but was then hosted by Sanat Naft. In ptincipu when Esteghlal host regularly we see 3 or more goals and I hope that tradition will be respected today. Quota on Tip-3+(2.60) is great and those who like bigger odds can try the Tip-GG&3+(3.35) - both team score & over 2,5
Head-to-head matches: ESTEGHLAL F.C. - SANAT-NAFT
28.07.17 LEA Sanat-Naft Esteghlal F.C. 1 : 0
22.01.17 LEA Sanat-Naft Esteghlal F.C. 0 : 3
05.08.16 LEA Esteghlal F.C. Sanat-Naft 1 : 2
21.02.13 LEA Esteghlal F.C. Sanat-Naft 2 : 1
26.09.12 LEA Sanat-Naft Esteghlal F.C. 1 : 2
06.05.12 LEA Sanat-Naft Esteghlal F.C. 1 : 2
13.12.11 LEA Esteghlal F.C. Sanat-Naft 1 : 2
23.04.11 LEA Esteghlal F.C. Sanat-Naft 6 : 2
04.11.10 LEA Sanat-Naft Esteghlal F.C. 2 : 0
17.05.08 LEA Sanat-Naft Esteghlal F.C. 2 : 1
14.12.07 LEA Esteghlal F.C. Sanat-Naft 2 : 3
Tip - 2                         (2,40) 4:0
**Na iznenađenje svih Zwolle igra strašno dobru sezonu i njihovi odlični rezultati su ih sada doveli na poziciju broj 4 sa čak 33 osvojena boda posle 17 rundi.Na polovini šampionata oni ravnopravno učestvuju u borbi za Evropska takmičenja sledeće sezone što bi realno predstavljalo najveći uspeh za ovaj mali klub.Zwolle je posebno dobar u gostima ove sezone i jedini poraz kao gost bio je od Ayaxa na početku sezone u Septembru mesecu.Posle toga nanizali su čak 7 mečeva bez poraza sa skorom pobeda 4-3-0 u gostima.Sa druge strane Den Haag je takođe sasvim dobar ove sezone i trenutno su na poziciji broj 9 sa sakupljenih 23 poena odnosno 10 manje od ekipe Zwolle.Zwolle je u seriji od 5 pobeda za redom protiv Den Haag pri čemu su pobedili 3 meča kao domaćini i poslednja dva meča kao gosti.Prema dosadašnjoj formi i igrama po meni Zwole je ovde favorit i hrabro ćemo igrati danas Tip-2(2,40) pouzdajući se u nastavak serije pobeda ekipe Zwolle protiv Den Haag.
**To the surprise of all Zwolle is a terrible good season and their excellent results have now led them to number 4 with 33 points scored after 17 rounds. In half of the championships they are equally involved in the European Contest competition next season, which would really be the greatest achievement for this small club. Zwolle is especially good at the guests this season and the only defeat as a guest was from Ayax at the beginning of the season in September. They then made up to 7 defeats with a 4-3-0 away win. On the other hand The Den Haag is also quite good this season and is currently in position number 9 from the 23 points collected and 10 less than the Zwolle team. Zwolle was in a series of 5 wins against Den Haag, winning 3 matches as hosts and the last two matches as the guests. To date, Zwole has favored me and we will be brave enough today to play Tip-2 (2.40), relying on Zwolle's continued success at Den Haag.
Head-to-head matches: DEN HAAG - ZWOLLE
28.10.17 ERE Zwolle Den Haag 2 : 0
21.01.17 ERE Den Haag Zwolle 1 : 2
30.09.16 ERE Zwolle Den Haag 2 : 1
19.02.16 ERE Den Haag Zwolle 0 : 2
19.09.15 ERE Zwolle Den Haag 2 : 1
Tip - 2                         (2,40) 1:0
**Samo jedan bod deli današnje protivnike na tabeli.Borba za ulazak u play-off(prvih osam timova) na kraju sezone biće žeastoka.Meč u prvoj ligi Holandije igrali smo na goste a i ovaj meč druge lige odigraćemo ist na goste, i što je zanumljivo i kvote su identične na ova dva meča.MVV Maastricht je u seriji od 5 pobeda na poslednjih 6 mečeva kada gostuje ekipi Oss.Očigledno je da im ovo gostovanje prija jer imaju niz uspešnih rezultata.Oss je sa druge strane u seriji loših rezultata kao odmaćin i u poslednjih 6 mečeva kod kuće ima skor 1-2-3.Poštovaćemo tradiciju danas i igamo na gostujuću ekipu. Tip-2(2,40) dobro plaća i vredan je rizika.
**Just one point of today's opponents on the table. The entrance ticket to the play-off (the first eight teams) at the end of the season will be a feminine. We played in the first league of the Netherlands and the second league match we are going to the guests, and the odds are identical to these two matches.MVV Maastricht is in a series of 5 wins in the last 6 matches when they are visiting the Oss team. Apparently, this is a guest appearance because they have a number of successful results. On the other hand, in the series of bad results as a deceased and in the last 6 games at home it has a 1-2-3 score. We will have a tradition today and we will play on the guest team. Type-2 (2.40) is well paid and is worth the risk.
Head-to-head matches: FC OSS - MAASTRICHT
06.02.17 EER FC Oss Maastricht 0 : 3
21.08.15 EER FC Oss Maastricht 1 : 3
17.04.15 EER FC Oss Maastricht 0 : 1
21.04.14 EER FC Oss Maastricht 2 : 1
25.02.13 EER FC Oss Maastricht 0 : 2
27.04.12 EER FC Oss Maastricht 0 : 2
Head-to-head matches: FC OSS - MAASTRICHT
06.02.17 EER FC Oss Maastricht 0 : 3
22.08.16 EER Maastricht FC Oss 3 : 0
22.01.16 EER Maastricht FC Oss 4 : 2
21.08.15 EER FC Oss Maastricht 1 : 3
17.04.15 EER FC Oss Maastricht 0 : 1
Tip - 1&2+                   (3,20) 3:0
**Prvi singl danas igraćemo u Portugalu 2.Duel dva tima podjednakih kvaliteta ,oba tima su u sredini tabele na pozicijama 12 i 14 sa istim brojem bodova po 21 ,ali Gil Vicente ima nešto bolju gol razliku.Covilha u poslednjih 5 mečeva kao domaćin ima skor 3-2-0 dok protiv Gil Vicente kada igraju kod kuće imaju skor 4-0-1.Sa druge strane Gil Vicente je kao gost 5 rundi bez pobede i u tom periodu imaju skor 0-3-2 a treba dodati i da su u još jednom meču poraženi gde su ispali iz Liga Cup takmičenja od tima iz treće lige Moura AC.Na njihovim međusobnim mečevima ne gledamo mnogo golova i mečevi se obično završavaju u rasponu igre 2-3 gola tako da ko želi može i obovo da odigra jer je kvota za ovu igru 2-3 gola oko 1,90.Ja sam se ipak odlučio za malo jaču kvotu odnosno da će domaći tim pobediti i dati najmanje dva gola u toj pobedi.Kvota na igru Tip-1&2+ (3,20) je odlična i vredna rizika.Srećno svima koji me prate.
**The first single we play today in Portugal. 2. Two teams of equal quality, both teams are in the middle of the table at positions 12 and 14 with the same number of 21 points, but Gil Vicente has a slightly better goal difference. The last five matches as a host has a score 3-2-0 vs. Gil Vicente when they play at home have a score of 4-0-1.On the other hand, Gil Vicente is as a guest 5 rounds without a win and in that period have a score of 0-3-2 and should also be added to they are once again defeated by the League Cup from team from third- league Moura AC.In their matchmaking, we do not see many goals and matches usually end up in the 2-3 goal range so anyone can and will play again because it is the odds for this game are 2-3 goals around 1,90. However, I have decided for a bit stronger quota, that is, that the home team will win and give at least two goals in that victory.The Tip-1&2+(3.20) game is great and a worth risk. Good luck to everyone who accompanies me.
Head-to-head matches: COVILHA - GIL VICENTE
30.04.17 SL Covilha Gil Vicente 2 : 1
23.01.16 SL Covilha Gil Vicente 3 : 0
28.12.14 CUP Covilha Gil Vicente 2 : 1
23.07.11 CF Covilha Gil Vicente 0 : 1
20.03.11 SL Covilha Gil Vicente 2 : 1
Tip - 1                         (3,40) 1:1
**Ne znam zbog čega su danas bukmejkeri ovoliko potcenili Ascoli.Oni jesu na poslednjem mestu na tabeli ali nisu toliko lošija ekipa od Pescare da bi kvota bila ovako velika.Ascoli u poslednjih 6 mečeva kod kuće ima skor 1-4-1 i ti bodovi koji nisu osvojeni kod kuće uslovili su poziciju na tabeli.Sa druge strane Pescara je katastrofalna u gostima jer su u seiji od 5 poraza u nizu kada igraju kao gosti.U međusobnim mečevima Ascoli je ubedljiv jer su kao domaćin pobedili Pescaru poslednjih 7 mečeva.Ascoliju je pobeda danas neophodna kako bi se pomerili što pre sa dna tabele i očekujem da će se tradicija pobeda protiv Pescare nastaviti i danas.Kvota na Tip-1(3,40) je odlična i svakako treba iskoristiti ovaj singl.
**I do not know why today the bookmakers have been so undervalue by Ascoli. They are in the last place on the table but they are not so bad team from Pescara that the odds will be this big. Ascoli scorer in the last 6 home games has 1-4-1 and those points they were unable to win at home they had a position on the table. They were on the other side of Pescara's disastrous at away because they were among the five defeats in the league when they played as a guest. In their mutual match's, Ascoli was keen to win the Pescara last 7 games.Ascoli victory today is necessary to move past the bottom of the table and expect that the tradition of winning against Pescara will continue today. Tip-1 (3.40) is a great one and should definitely use this single.
Head-to-head matches: ASCOLI - PESCARA
11.10.15 SB Ascoli Pescara 3 : 1
24.03.12 SB Ascoli Pescara 3 : 0
17.04.11 SB Ascoli Pescara 1 : 0
14.05.05 SB Ascoli Pescara 1 : 0
20.09.03 SB Ascoli Pescara 2 : 1
25.08.02 COP Ascoli Pescara 1 : 0
17.03.02 LP Ascoli Pescara 3 : 2
Tip - 1:0                       (6,75) 0:0
**Idemo ponovo do Portugala ovaj put na meč Liga Cupa između dva tima iz prve lige Portugala.Nećemo mnogo filozofirati igram ovo isključivo zbog statistike i ko želi može da pokuša za manji ulog.Belenenses je po meni ovde favorit i ko želi može da odigra Tip-1(2,40) kvota je svakako dobra.Ipak ja sam se odlučio da pokušam da pogodim tačan rezultat kao što rekoh isključivo zbog statistike koja nam kaže da je Belenenses od poslednjih 5 mečeva kao domaćin u čak 4 pobedio sa 1:0.Eto to je jedini razlog i ko želi da pokuša neka mu je sa srećom.
**Let's go back to Portugal this time for the League Cup match between the two teams from the first league of Portugal. We will not much philosophize this game exclusively for statistics and who wants to try for a smaller bet.Belenenses is in my favor here and who wants to play Tip- 1 (2.40) Quota is definitely good. I just decided to try to hit the exact result as I said exclusively because of statistics that tells us that Belenenses from the last 5 matches as a host in 4 won with 1: 0. That That's the only reason he wants to try some lucky.
Head-to-head matches: BELENENSES - MARITIMO 12.08.17 PL Belenenses Maritimo 1 : 0 10.12.16 PL Belenenses Maritimo 1 : 0 31.08.15 PL Belenenses Maritimo 1 : 1 21.09.14 PL Belenenses Maritimo 1 : 0 21.09.13 PL Belenenses Maritimo 1 : 0

Tip - 1                         (2,40) 1:1
**Danas idemo do Italije i Serie B na jedini meč koji je u ponudi iz 20 runde.Svi ostali mečevi igraju se sutra.Oba tima imaju identičan učinak na polovini šampionata odnosno skor 6-10-3 i na pozicijama su 7 i 8 na tabeli.Cremonese je u odličnoj seriji kao gost jer nisu izgubili 7 mečeva uzastopno kada su gostovali.Sa druge strane Venezia dve runde uzastopno nije pobedila kao domaćin i malo je zaostala za vodećim ekipama.U svakom slučaju danas imamo sudar dva tima podjednakih kvaliteta koji će se boriti za vrh tabele do kraja sezone i ukoliko ne uspeju direktno da uđu u Seria A sigurno će pokušati da ostvare svoje želje preko Play-Off na kraju sezone.Venezia ima poslednje dve sezone dve uzastopne pobede protiv Cremonese kod kuće i zbog toga danas igram Tip-1(2,40) jer mislim da je kvalitet na strani domaćina, moraju do 3 boda posle dva neuspeha kod kuće a i vreme je da Cremonese posle 7 mečeva izgubi kao gost.
**Today we are going to Italy and Serie B on the only match available in 20 rounds. All other matches are played tomorrow. Both teams have the same effect on half of the championship,and score 6-10-3 and this is on positions 7 and 8 on the table. Cremonese is in a great series as a guest because they have not lost 7 matches in succession when they have been away. On the other hand, Venezia has two consecutive wins as a host and has lagged behind for leading teams. In any case today we have a crash of two teams of equal quality to fight for the top of the table until the end of the season and if they fail to go directly to Serie A they will certainly try to achieve their wishes via Play-Off at the end of the season. Venezia has two consecutive victories against Cremoneseat home for the past two seasons, and because that i play Tip-1(2,40) that I think the quality on the side of the hosts needs up to 3 points after two rouns at home and it is time for Cremonese to lose after 7 matches as a guest.
TWENTE - AYAX (Holland Cup)
Tip - GG                      (1,62) 1:1
Tip - GG                      (2,200:2
Tip - GG                      (1,722:1
PSG - CAEN (France)
Tip - GG                      (2,25) 3:1
Head-to-head matches: TWENTE - AJAX
02.12.17 ERE Twente Ajax 3 : 3
11.12.16 ERE Twente Ajax 1 : 0
12.09.15 ERE Twente Ajax 2 : 2
18.10.14 ERE Twente Ajax 1 : 1
19.10.13 ERE Twente Ajax 1 : 1 
Head-to-head matches: PLATANIAS - OLYMPIAKOS
14.01.17 SL Platanias Olympiakos 2 : 2
18.01.16 SL Platanias Olympiakos 1 : 1
10.05.15 SL Platanias Olympiakos 1 : 1
19.10.13 SL Platanias Olympiakos 1 : 4
07.04.13 SL Platanias Olympiakos 0 : 4
Head-to-head matches: ATALANTA - SASSUOLO
10.09.17 SA Atalanta Sassuolo 2 : 1
08.04.17 SA Atalanta Sassuolo 1 : 1
30.01.16 SA Atalanta Sassuolo 1 : 1
12.04.15 SA Atalanta Sassuolo 2 : 1
06.04.14 SA Atalanta Sassuolo 0 : 2
Head-to-head matches: PSG - CAEN
20.05.17 L1 PSG Caen 1 : 1
16.04.16 L1 PSG Caen 6 : 0
14.02.15 L1 PSG Caen 2 : 2
29.10.11 L1 PSG Caen 4 : 2
20.11.10 L1 PSG Caen 2 : 1
Tip - GG&3+               (2,60)  0:1
**Prvi meč i FREE SINGL za danas je iz druge lige Španije takozvane LaLiga 2.Primetio sam na dosta foruma da puno igrača igra na Barceloninu pobedu danas ali ja ću ostati veran tradiciji i odigraću ovaj meč na golove odnosno igru Tip-GG&3+ (2,60) (oba tima daju gol & over 2,5) jer mnogo više plaća nego fiks.Evo i još nekoliko razloga zbog čega ovaj znak:
Poslednja 4 međusobna meča odigrana su u pomenutom rasponu golova.Još jedan važan podatak je taj da je Albacete samo 3 puta gostovao Barceloni 2 i na sva tri gostovanja postizao je golove odnosno jedan ili dva gola.Realno je da i danas daju neki gol a kako i Barcelona 2 igra ofanzivno očekujem nastavak tradicije iz poslednja 4 meča odnosno da lagano bude dobitan predloženi znak.
**The first match and FREE SINGL for today is from the second league in the so-called LaLiga 2. I promised a lot of forums that a lot of players are playing at Barcelona's win today, but I will remain a veritable tradition and will play this match at Tip-GG & 3 + (2.60 ) (both teams give a goal & over 2,5) because they pay much more than the payroll. There are several other reasons why this sign:
The last four matches were played in the aforementioned range of goals. One important thing is that Albacete has only scored 3 times at Barcelona 2 and has scored goals or one or two goals in all three games. and Barcelona 2 play an offensive expectation of a continuation of the tradition from the last 4 games, that is to say, that the winning sign is gently.
head-to-head matches: BARCELONA B - ALBACETE
03.05.15 LL2 Albacete Barcelona B 2 : 1
30.11.14 LL2 Barcelona B Albacete 1 : 2
07.05.11 LL2 Barcelona B Albacete 2 : 1
12.12.10 LL2 Albacete Barcelona B 2 : 2
Head-to-head matches: BARCELONA B - ALBACETE
30.11.14 LL2 Barcelona B Albacete 1 : 2
07.05.11 LL2 Barcelona B Albacete 2 : 1
20.12.98 LL2 Barcelona B Albacete 0 : 1
Tip - 2                        (3,20) 0:0
**Idemo danas da pokušamo jedno iznenađenje u Škotskom Championshipu.Livingston je po položaju na tabeli i trenutnoj formi danas svakako favorit protiv ekipe Falkirk.Ipak, Ja sams e odlučio da odigram na goste iz nekoliko razloga.Livingston je u seriji od 4 pobede na poslednjih 5 mečeva kao domaćin.Sa druge strane Falkirk u gostima poslednjih 5 mečeva ima skor 1-1-3.Ipak ja ću se danas držati nekog pravila da i Falkirku jednom mora da krene i nadam se da će to biti od danas posebno što igraju protiv Livingstona a to je tim protiv kojeg kao gost poslednjih 12 mečeva imaju sjajan skor 8-2-2.Dakle možemo zaključiti da su igrači Falkirka posebno motivisani kada igraju protiv Livingstona i nadamm se da će i danas igrati sa istom motivacijom.Tip-2(3,20) odlično plaća i vredan je rizika.
**Let's go today to try a surprise in the Scottish Championship. Livingston is in favor of the Falkirk team on the table and in the current form today. Even so, I decided to play for several reasons. Liveston is in a series of 4 victories over the last 5 the match as a host. On the other hand, Falkirk's last five matches in the home team are 1-1-3. Even today, I will stick to a rule that Falkirka has to go one day and hope that it will be special today as they play against Livington and this is the team against which as a guest of the last 12 matches have a brilliant score of 8-2-2. So we can conclude that Falkirka players are particularly motivated when they play against Livingston and hope to play with the same motivation again.Tip-2 (3,20) is well paid and worth the risk.
Head-to-head matches: LIVINGSTON - FALKIRK
23.01.16 CHA Livingston Falkirk 1: 1 draw
22.08.15 CHA Livingston Falkirk 1: 2
08.04.15 CHA Livingston Falkirk 2: 1
13.12.14 CHA Livingston Falkirk 0: 1
04.01.14 CHA Livingston Falkirk 0: 1
24.08.13 CHA Livingston Falkirk 0: 3
02.04.13 CHA Livingston Falkirk 1: 2
17.11.12 CHA Livingston Falkirk 2: 1
02.01.12 CHA Livingston Falkirk 1: 2
10.09.11 CHA Livingston Falkirk 1: 1 draw
28.01.06 PRE Livingston Falkirk 0: 1
06.08.05 PRE Livingston Falkirk 0: 2
ST.PAULI - BOCHUM (Germany 2)
Tip - 1                      (2,65) 2:1
**Poslednjih 6 rundi St.Pauli nema pobedu kao domaćin i to ih je dovelo u lošu poziciju jer su sada samo jedan bod iznad crte opstanka.Previše izgubljenih bodova kod kuće uslovilo je da danas oni moraju da pobede i tako lagano krenu prema sredini tabele gde im je objektivno i mesto.Nije St.Pauli tako loša ekipa ali su često nesrećno gubili bodove ove sezone i vreme je da im se sreća malo i osmehne i da danas trijumfuju.U goste im dolazi veoma nezgodna ekipa Bochum koja igra tvrdo i koja se u gostima najčešće brani i zatrvara prilaze svom golu.Ipak mislim da je Bochum u ovom trenutku protivnik kakav treba St.Pauliju jer je u međusobnim mečevima kao domaćin St.Pauli dosta uspešniji sa skorom 4-4-1 pa se nadam da će danas motivacija i potreba biti dovoljni za 3 važna boda St.Paulija.
**In the last six rounds, St.Pauli has no win as a host and this has led them to a bad position because they are now only one point above the survival line. Many lost points at home made it clear that today they have to win and so move lightly towards the middle of the table is objective and place. St.Pauli is not so bad team but they often missed the points this season and it is time for them to feel a little bit and smile and they are triumphing today. There is a very unfortunate team in Bochum who plays hard and who is in It's a good thing for Bochum to be an opponent as it needs St.Pauli because he is more successful with 4-4Players as a host to St.Pauli, so I hope that today's motivation and need to be enough for 3 important points of St.Pauli.
Head-to-head matches: ST. PAULI - BOCHUM
17.12.16 2BUN St. Pauli Bochum 1 : 1
16.04.16 2BUN St. Pauli Bochum 2 : 0
17.05.15 2BUN St. Pauli Bochum 5 : 1
15.02.14 2BUN St. Pauli Bochum 0 : 1
12.11.12 2BUN St. Pauli Bochum 1 : 1
12.02.12 2BUN St. Pauli Bochum 2 : 1
25.10.05 POK  St. Pauli Bochum 4 : 0

29.08.99 2BUN St. Pauli Bochum 0 : 0
Tip - 1                      (2,451:2
**Nećemo mnogo analizirati današnji meč ,prosto Pacos de Ferreira je u seriji od 4 meča bez pobede i danas su im 3 boda neophodna.Oni jednostavno moraju da dobijaju ovakve protivnike naročito kada igraju kod kuće jer su im bodovi iz ovakvih mečeva garant opstanka u društvu najboljih u Portugalu.U sledećoj rundi za Novun godinu Ferreira dočekuje Porto gde ne računaju na bodove i to je još jedan razlog zbog čega danas moraju da pobede.Boavista nije tim koji u gostima igra opasno jer većinu bodove osvajaju kod kuće.Tip-1(2,45) dobro plaća i treba ga iskoristiti.
**We will not have much to analyze today's match, only Pacos de Ferreira is in a 4-pack without a win, and today they need 3 points. They simply have to get such opponents especially when they play at home because their points in these matches guarantee survival in the company of the best in Portugal. In the next round for the New Year Ferreira is waiting for Porto not counting points and that is another reason why they have to win today. Boavista is not a guest team that is dangerous because most of the points are won at home. Tipp-1 (2,45) is well paid and needs to be utilized.
Tip - 2&2+I               (4,100:1;2:3
**U nešto slabijoj ponudi danas izdvojio sam jedan meč gde želim da igram na jednu igru koju do sada nisam predlagao Tip -2&2+I (gost pobeđuje na kraju meča i pada najmanje dva gola u prvom poluvremenu).Kvota na ovu igru je 4,10 i svakako je vredna rizika a evo i razloga zbog kojih predlažem ovaj Tip: Ajman i Al Ain su do sada odigrali 14 mečeva međusobno (toliko imam u evidenciji) i skor je neverovatan u korist Al Ain 0-1-13.Jedan jedini meč je odigran nerešeno i završio je 0:0 dok je u svim ostalim mečevima Al Ain pobeđivao više nego ubedljivo i na svakom meču je dao najmanje dva gola.Polsednjih 6 mečeva kada je Ajman bio domaćin završena su sa skorom 0-1-5 u korist Al Ain i u svih 5 pobeda Al Ain je bio više nego ubedljiv ,a u svih tih 5 mečeva dolazio je predloženi znak i ne vidim razlog da tako ne bude i danas.Ko voli veće kvote treba da zna da je bilo i nekoliko prelaza u korist Al Ain i ko hoće može da pokuša prelaz iz 1/2 (25,00) za neki manji ulog.Srećno svima koji me prate.
**In a somewhat weaker offer today I have set up a match where I want to play for a game I have not proposed Tip -2&2+I (the guest is defending at the end of the match and falls at least two goals in the first half). Odds on this game is 4,10 and it is certainly worth the risk and here's the reasons why I suggest this Tip: Al-Ain and Al Ain have so far played 14 matches each time (so I have in the record) and it is unbelievable in favor of Al Ain 0-1-13. Only one match played unfinished and ended 0:0 while in all other matches Al Ain defeated more than his knees and scored at least two goals in each match. The last six matches when Ajman was hosted were completed with 0-1-5 in favor of Al Ain and all 5 of Al Ain's victories were more than keen and in all those 5 matches came with the proposed sign and I do not see why it does not happen today. Who likes bigger odds should know that there were several passes for Al Ain and who could try to cross from 1/2 (25.00 ) for some smaller bet. Good luck to everyone who follows me.
Head-to-head matches: AJMAN - AL-AIN
14.10.17 LEA Ajman Al-Ain 2 : 3
24.09.14 LEA Ajman Al-Ain 0 : 4
18.01.14 LEA Ajman Al-Ain 0 : 0
28.09.12 LEA Ajman Al-Ain 1 : 4
14.02.10 LEA Ajman Al-Ain 4 : 5
18.04.09 LEA Ajman Al-Ain 0 : 5
DEN HAAG - RODA (Holland) 
Tip - 4+                     (2,753:2
**Idemo danas do Holandije da odigramo jedan meč na golove.Sedam poslednjih međusobnih mečeva kada je Den Haag bio domaćin završeno je u predloženom broju golova i verujem da će tradicija biti nastavljena i danas.Kvota na igru 4+(2,75) je dolična a za one hrabrije koji vole veće kvote mogu da pokušaju igru GG&4+(3,20)✔.
**Let's go to Holland today to make one match on the goals. The last match between Den Haag and the host was completed in the proposed number of goals and I believe the tradition will continue today. Quota on the game 4+(2.75) is very good and for those bravest who prefer bigger odds can try the game GG&4+(3.20).
Head-to-head matches: DEN HAAG - RODA
02.04.17 ERE Den Haag Roda 4 : 1
06.02.16 ERE Den Haag Roda 2 : 2
24.08.13 ERE Den Haag Roda 0 : 4
26.01.13 ERE Den Haag Roda 2 : 2
20.01.12 ERE Den Haag Roda 3 : 3
19.05.11 ERE Den Haag Roda 4 : 2
15.08.10 ERE Den Haag Roda 1 : 3
Tip - 1                    (2,904:1
**Trener Lyon Bruno Genesio rekao pre današnje utakmice da ne pridaje veliku važnost Liga Kupu i da ih to takmičenje najmanje interesuje.Takođe je najavio da će rotirati dosta igrašča a da će se ekipi pridružiti i neki mladi igrači koji nisu u rvom planu za šampionat:
**Lyon coach Bruno Genesio said before today's match that he does not attach great importance to the League Cup and that the competition is least interested in them. He also announced that he would rotate a lot of players and that the teams will join some young players who are not in the front line for the championship:
Tip - 1                    (2,953:2
**Evo jednog meča za koji postoji sumnja o saradnji odnosno moje mišljenje je da definitivno ima nekih mutnih radnji kada su ova dva tima u pitanju.Partick je ubedljivo poslednji i njima je danas pobeda neophodna kako bi se pomerili za koji bod bliže opstanku.Sa druge strane Motherwell je u igri za play-off i u borbi je za poziciju 6 ali oni nisu toliko ugeroženi da bi danas zapinjali mnogo.Kao što rekoh postoji sumnja jer je većinom u međusobnim susretima pobeđivao domaći tim a kada je bilo nerešeno u zavisnosti kome su bodovi potrebni i u nekoj od sezona taj bod se vraćao.Statistika sve govori a Tip-1(2,95) je više nego dobar pa vredi pokušati ovaj singl.
**Here is a match for which there is suspicion of co-operation or my opinion is that there are definitely some nasty actions when these two teams are in question.Partick is cuddly last and their victory today is indispensable to move for which point closer to survival.On the other side Motherwell is playing for the playoffs and is struggling for position 6 but they are not so choppy so they would cry a lot today. As I said, there is a doubt because most of the matches were defeated by the home team and when it was unsuccessful depending on who points are needed and in one of the seasons that point has returned. Statistics all say and Tip-1 (2.95) is more than good and so try this single.
Head-to-head matches: PARTICK - MOTHERWELL
30.09.17 PRE Motherwell Partick 3 : 0
08.04.17 PRE Partick Motherwell 1 : 0
19.11.16 PRE Motherwell Partick 2 : 0
24.09.16 PRE Partick Motherwell 1 : 1 return draw!
27.02.16 PRE Motherwell Partick 3 : 1
02.02.16 PRE Partick Motherwell 1 : 0
26.09.15 PRE Partick Motherwell 2 : 1
23.05.15 PRE Motherwell Partick 0 : 0 draw!
11.04.15 PRE Partick Motherwell 2 : 0
27.12.14 PRE Motherwell Partick 1 : 0
04.10.14 PRE Partick Motherwell 3 : 1
15.02.14 PRE Motherwell Partick 4 : 3
FREE  SINGLE    odds:5,00
KARHU - ESPOO (Finland basketball) 
Tip - 2                      (5,00102:76
**Idemo da pokušamo jedno iznenađenje kada je košarka u pitanju.Nekoliko puta prošle sezone uspevao sam da uhvatim da tako kažem "veoma čudne " mečeve upravo u Finskoj.Liga koju retko ko poznaje i igra i zbog toga ne čudi što ponekad dođu čudni rezultati.Ne želim da kažem da je nešto namešteno to nećete nikada videti na ovom sajtu ali moje je da pokušam a i vi ukoliko želite samnom.Karhu je na poziciji broj 3 i u seriji naizmeničnih pobeda i poraza kod kuće.Espoo je na poziciji broj 5 udaljen samo 2 poena odnosno jednu pobedu od Karhu i u seriji od 4 uzastopne pobede kao gost tako da je ovako velika kvota na pobedu gosta apsolutno nerealna i zbog toga svakako treba pokušati ovaj singl.
**Let's try to get some surprise when it comes to basketball. I've managed to catch it so often "very strange" matches in Finland, many times last season. The game is rarely known and played by a player, and it is not surprising that strange results sometimes come in. I want to say that something is done you will never see it on this site but it is my job to try and you if you want to be with me. Karhu is in position number 3 and in alternating series of wins and defeats at home. Espoo is on position number 5 only 2 points or one victory over Karhu and in a series of 4 consecutive victories as a guest so that a big odds on the guests victory is absolutely unrealistic and therefore one should try this single.

Tip - 1                       (2,402:0
**Poslednji je trenutak da Crystal Palace nekoga pobedi a koga će ako ne Watford koji posle početnog odličnog starta počinje da pada u formi.Za vikend je Crystal Palace propustio veliku šansu za 3 važna boda tako što je promašio penal u 93 minutu meča protiv Bournemouth.Nadam se da je konačno došao trenutak da upišu veoma važna 3 boda i tako se pomere sa dna tabele.Kao što sam rekao Watford je u padu forme a danas imaju i dosta kadrovskih problema zbog povreda i suspenzija tako da su to dobri uslovi za Crystal Palace.
**It is the last moment that Crystal Palace has won and who will not be Watford who after starting a great start begins to fall into form. For the weekend, Crystal Palace missed a big chance for 3 important points by failing to penalize the 93-minute match against Bournemouth. that eventually came the time to enter a very important 3 points and so moved from the bottom of the table. As I said, Watford is in a fall form and today there are also plenty of personnel problems due to injuries and suspensions so these are good conditions for Crystal Palace.
Tip - 1                       (2,402:3
**Kažnjena je ekipa Manise oduzimanjem čak 9 bodova i sada su se našli u nezavidnoj situaciji jer će morati da se bore za opstanak umesto da budu na sredini tabele.Pre kazne Manisa je bila u seriji od 3 meča bez poraza i u tom periodu su osvojili 7 bodova.Danas im u goste dolazi Altinordu, tim koji nema pobedu u šampionatu 6 uzastopnih mečeva ali i tim protiv kojeg Manisa ima loš skor jer ih u 4 međusobna meča koliko su do sada igrali nikada nisu pobedili.Ipak mislim da Manisa mora da dobija ovakve mečeve kako bi opstala u drugoj ligi Turske i zbog toga kao i zbog bolje trenutne forme ipak igramo Tip-1(2,40).Meč počinje danas ranije u 13:30 pa ko želi da ovo odigra treba da požuri.
**Manisa was sentenced by taking away as many as 9 points and now they are in an unenviable situation because they will have to fight for survival instead of being in the middle of the table. Manisa's penalty was in the 3-man defeat without defeat and in that period they won 7 points .Danas comes to their guest comes to Altinordu, a team that has no victory in the championship of 6 consecutive matches but also the team against which Manisa has bad timing because the four of them match-ups they have played so far have never won. I think Manisa must get such matches to survive in the second league of Turkey and for this reason as well as for the better current form we still play Tip-1 (2.40).The match starts early today at 13:30, so who wants this play must to hurry.
Tip - 1                       (2,403:1
**Jedan meč iz nižih Italijanskih liga grupa C.Nisam siguran da postoji neka saranja po sistemu 3 za 3 boda ali u jedina 4 meča koja su do sada igrali međusobno svaki put je pobeđivao domaćin.Ipak treba imati u vidu da su ove mečeve igrali u sezonama 2005/06 i 2006/07 tako da i ovu činjenicu treba uzeti sa dozom opreza.Glavni razlog zbog čega igram na domaći tim danas je činjenica da posle 16 odigranih rundi Fidelis Andria još uvek nema pobedu kao domaćin.Kod kuće su u seriji 0-6-2 a jedinu pobedu u šampionatu ostvarili su u gostima pobedivši trenutno poslednji Acragas.Sa druge strane je Rende tim koji igra jako čvrsto ,na malo golova i koji kao gost ima odličan skor 2-2-3 što je za treću ligu Italije jako dobar rezultat.Nadam se da je danas došao trenutak za prvu pobedu F.Andria kod kuće i nadam se da će osvojiti važna tri boda i pomeriti se prema sredini tabele grupe C.
**One match from the lower Italian league group C. I'm not sure there is a 3-point system for 3 points, but the only 4 games that have played each other each time have been defeated by the host. It should also be noted that these matches played in the seasons 2005/06 and 2006/07 so that this fact should be taken with a cautious amount of attention. The main reason why the home team is today is the fact that after 16 rounds Fidelis Andria still has no victory as a host. The home team are in the 0- 6-2 and the only win in the championship was achieved by winning the current Acragas. On the other hand, Rende team plays very hard, with a few goals and who as a guest has an excellent score of 2-2-3 which is for the third league of Italy very good result. I hope that today came the first victory for F.Andria at home and I hope to win the important three points and move to the middle of the table of the group C.
Head-to-head matches: Andria -Rende
2006/07  Andria Rende 1 : 0
2006/07  Rende Andria 4 : 0
2005/06  Andria Rende 2 : 1
2005/06  Rende Andria 1 : 0
FREE  SINGLE    odds:2,70
Tip - 1&2+               (2,700:1
**Duel dva imenjaka po svim parametrima trebalo bi da pripadne domaćem timu.Wisla Krakow niuje izgubila od Wilse Plock od davne 2003 godine ,tačnije čak 14 međusobnih mečeva u svim takmičenjima.U tom periodu skor u korist Wisla Krakow je 11-3-0 od čega je Wisla Krakow u seriji od 6 uzastopnih pobeda kao domaćin.Po meni ovo je fiks dana i kvota na Tip-1(2,15) je sasvim dobra ali ja ću ptredložiti veću kvotu i igru Tip-1&2+(2,70)( domaći tim pobeđuje i daje najmanje dva gola ) jer je na svim mečevima kada je Wisla Krakow bila domaćin i kada je pobeđivala dolazio upravo ovaj znak i ne vidim nijedan razlog da tako ne bude i danas.Wisla Krakow ima ogromnu pomoić i podršku sa tribina i retko greši kod kuće kada su ovakvi mečevi u pitanju.Srećno svima koji prate.
**The duel of two names at all parameters should belong to the domestic team. Wisla Krakow has lost nothing since Wilse Plock since 2003, or even 14 matches in all competitions. In that period, the Wisla Krakow advantage was 11-3-0 of which is Wisla Krakow in a series of 6 consecutive victories as a host. This is a fixed day and the odds on Tip-1 (2.15) are quite good, but I will put down a bigger quota and the Tip-1 & 2 + (2.70) (the home team win and gives at least two goals) because in all matches when Wisla Krakow hosted and when he was defeated came this sign and I see no reason not to do it today. Wisla Krakow has tremendous help and support from the forum and rare it hurts at home when these matches are concerned. Happy to everyone who follows.
Head-to-head matches: WISLA - PLOCK
08.08.17 CUP Wisla Plock 2 : 1
17.03.17 EKS Wisla Plock 3 : 2
13.08.06 EKS Wisla Plock 2 : 0
11.04.06 EKS Wisla Plock 4 : 0
28.08.04 EKS Wisla Plock 4 : 0
13.09.03 EKS Wisla Plock 3 : 1
Tip - 1                   (2,503:2
**Loš je Avranches ove sezone i čini se da mu danas dolazi protivnik koga mogu da pobede.Najgora gostujuća ekipa treće lige Francuske Concarneau je u seriji od 8 uzastopnih poraza kao gost pa tako Avranchess ima šansu da se vrednom pobedom pomeri za poslednjeg mesta na tabeli.Poslednja 3 međusobna meča kada je Avranches bio domaćin ubedljivo je pobedio Avranches pa se nadam da će tradicija i danas biti na strani domaćeg tima.Tip-1(2,50) solidno plaća im vredan je rizika.
**Bad Avranches this season and it seems that an opponent is coming to his side today.The worst guest team of France's third league Concarneau is in a series of 8 consecutive defeats as a guest so Avranchess has a chance to make a valuable win for the last place on the table. The last 3 games between Avranches hosted Avranches, and hopefully the tradition will be on the home side today.Tip-1 (2.50) solidly pays and worth the risk.
Show more matches 
Head-to-head matches: AVRANCHES - CONCARNEAU
12.05.17 NAT Avranches Concarneau 3 : 0
17.01.14 CFA Avranches Concarneau 3 : 1
Tip - 1                   (2,35 1:1 
**Hertha je ispala iz Evrope ove sezone i nemaju nikakvih šansi za eventualni prolaz dalje.Ipak danas ćemo odigrati na pobedu Hertha jer oni u šampionatu imaju dva uzastopna poraza kao domaćini i sada su u donjem delu tabele.Danas će Hertha prema rečima trenera jurišati na pobedu kakko bi doneli još nešto novca u kasu kluba i kako bi podigli pomalo poljuljani moral kod igrača.Sa druge strane je Ostersunds tim koji je možda najveće iznenađenje ove sezone.Tim koji je do pre dve godine igrao drugu ligu Švedske našao se među ekipama koje su obezbedile učešće u Evropi na proleće i to među takvim klubovima kao što su Bilbao, Hertha i Zorja iz Ukrajine.Dobre igre u Evropi su ih koštale plasmana u evropu sledeće sezone jer su u nedavno završenom prvenstvu Švedske izborili poziciju broj 5 koja ne vodi u Evropska takmičenja.Kao što rekoh šampionat u Švedskoj je završen i sigurno je da će dosta igrača Ostersundsa odmarati i tu vidim pravu šansu da Hertha osvoji tri boda, dodatbne poene i naravno novac koji daje UEFA na kraju takmičenja.
**Hertha has come out of Europe this season and has no chance of any further passage. We'll be playing today to win Hertha because they have two consecutive defeats as hosts and are now in the bottom part of the table. Hertha will go on winning the trainer's words which would bring some more cash in the club's casualties and bring some morale to the players. On the other hand, the Ostersunds team is perhaps the biggest surprise this season.Tim, who played until another two years ago in Sweden, found himself among the teams that they had their share in Europe in the spring among clubs such as Bilbao, Hertha and Zorja from Ukraine. Good games in Europe have plummeted them in Europe the following season, as in the recently completed Swedish Championship they won the No. 5 position that does not lead to European As I said, the championship in Sweden is over and it is certain that plenty of Ostersunds players will rest, and here I see a real chance that Hertha wins three points, extra points and of course the money that UEFA gives at the end of the competition.

Tip - GG&4+             (3,102:1 
GG&4+(both team score & over 3,5)
**Idemo danas ponovo da pokušamo sa golovima.Ovog puta ćemo da skoknemo do Južne Amerike i Bolivije.Osmi tim na tabeli Petrolero de Yacuiba protiv desetog na tabeli tima Guabira.Poslednja tri međusobna susreta današnjih rivala mogli smo videti mnogo golova i na svakom meču je bio dobitan predloženi znak GG&4+ (3,10) pa se nadam nastavku tradicije i danas.Za one koji vole veće kvote prelažem da pokušaju igru 1GG (4,25) - oba tima daju gol u prvom poluvremenu, kvota je veća i vredna rizika.
**Let's go again today to try again with the goals. We'll be heading back to South America and Bolivia this time.One team on the Petrolero de Yacuiba table against the tenth on the Guabira team tableThe last three matches of today's rivals have seen a lot of goals and each match was winning the proposed sign GG&4+(3.10) so I hope the continuation of the tradition today. For those who prefer bigger odds maybe to try 1GG (4.25)-both teams score in the first half, the odds are bigger and worth the risk.
Tip - p.p.2+           (3,90)   p.p.1:0
p.p.2+ (first half over 1,5)
**Ovo je po meni danas jedan od sigurnijih fixeva na domaći tim i kvota na pobedu domaćina je Tip-1(2,10) jer Cape Town protiv Maritzburga kada je domaćin ima skor u poslednjih 8 mečeva 7-0-1 od čega 6 pobeda uzastopno.Ipak ja sam se kao i juče odlučio za mnogo veću kvotu i ponovo igamo na golove u prvom poluvremenu odnosno da će biti najmanje 2 gola posle 45 minuta.Kvota je odlična i vredi rizikovati.Naravno kao i juče za one koji vole velike kvote mogu da pokušaju sa igrom Tip-p.p.3+ (12,00) pada više od dva gola u prvom poluvremenu.Srećno svima koji me prate.
**This is by now one of the safest fixes on the home team and the odds on the host's victory are Tip-1(2.10), as Cape Town vs. Maritzburg when the host is down in the last eight matches of 7-0-1 out of which six consecutive wins .I am just like yesterday to decide for a much bigger quota and again to go for goals in the first half, that is to say that it will be at least 2 goals after 45 minutes.Voting is great and worth risking.Only like yesterday for those who like big odds can to try the Tip-pp3 + (12.00) drop more than two goals in the first half Happy to all who follow me.
Head-to-head matches: CAPE TOWN CITY - MARITZBURG UTD
22.11.16 PL Cape Town City Maritzburg Utd 3 : 2
02.04.16 NC Cape Town City Maritzburg Utd 2 : 0
27.09.15 PL Cape Town City Maritzburg Utd 4 : 1
15.04.15 PL Cape Town City Maritzburg Utd 1 : 0
18.02.15 NC Cape Town City Maritzburg Utd 2 : 1
16.02.14 PL Cape Town City Maritzburg Utd 2 : 1
01.05.11 PL Cape Town City Maritzburg Utd 1 : 2
10.02.10 PL Cape Town City Maritzburg Utd 1 : 0

Tip - p.p.2+           (2,95p.p.4:0
p.p.2+ (first half over 1,5)
**Na poslednjih 10 međusobnih mečeva čak 8 puta je bio dobitan predloženi znak.Na njihovim mečevima viđamo dosta golova i ne vidim razlog da tako ne bude i danas.Kvota da će biti 2 gola u prvom poluvremenu je odlična (2,95) i vredi rizikovati a za one hrabrije koji vole veće kvote predlažem igru p.p.3+(7,75)- prvo poluvreme 3+ jer je često dolazilo i tri gola u prvom poluvremenu.
**In the last 10 matches, eight times was the winning sign. In their matches, we see a lot of goals and I do not see why it does not happen today. I think that 2 goals in the first half is excellent (2.95) and risk to risk and for courageous couples who like bigger odds, I suggest the game
pp3 + (7.75)- first half over 2.5 because there were often three goals in the first half.

25.09.17 PD Independiente F.B.C. Nacional Asuncion 1 : 2
17.06.17 PD Independiente F.B.C. Nacional Asuncion 0 : 2
01.04.17 PD Nacional Asuncion Independiente F.B.C. 1 : 2
15.12.12 PD Independiente F.B.C. Nacional Asuncion 0 : 3
06.10.12 PD Nacional Asuncion Independiente F.B.C. 5 : 1
30.06.12 PD Nacional Asuncion Independiente F.B.C. 5 : 0
01.04.12 PD Independiente F.B.C. Nacional Asuncion 2 : 5
19.11.11 PD Independiente F.B.C. Nacional Asuncion 3 : 1
03.09.11 PD Nacional Asuncion Independiente F.B.C. 2 : 1
17.04.11 PD Independiente F.B.C. Nacional Asuncion 5 : 1

Tip - GG&4+           (2,802:2
**Club Brugge je danas apsolutni favorit i po meni je to siguran fix dana.Ipak ja sam se opredelio za igru na golove jer je kvota znatno veća a i tradicija nam govori da su golovi realna opcija kada igraju ova dva tima.Do sada su međusobno odigrali 6 mečeva i u svih 6 mečeva videli smo opciju na golove 4+(over 3,5) a na 5 od 6 mečeva mogli smo videtim predloženi znak GG&4+(oba tima daju gol& over 3,5) pa ne vidim razlog da tako ne bude i danas.U Belgiji je danas prilično hladno i zbog toga očekujem puno trčanja ,otvoren meč i naravno da se ispoštuje tradicija u međusobnim mečevima kada su golovi u pitanju.
**Club Brugge is an absolute favorite today and it is a safe fix for me. I have decided to play against the goals because the quota is considerably higher and the tradition tells us that goals are a real option when playing these two teams. the match and all 6 matches we saw the option of 4+ goals (over 3,5) and at 5 of 6 matches we could have seen the proposed GG & 4 + (both teams scored over 3.5) so I can not see why it does not even today In Belgium today is pretty cold and because of that I expect a lot of running, open match and of course to respect the tradition in mutual matches when the goals are in question.
Head-to-head matches: EUPEN - CLUB BRUGGE
06.08.17 JL Club Brugge Eupen 3 : 1
21.12.16 JL Eupen Club Brugge 1 : 4
29.11.16 CUP Eupen Club Brugge 3 : 2
17.09.16 JL Club Brugge Eupen 3 : 2
21.01.11 JL Eupen Club Brugge 1 : 4
22.09.10 JL Club Brugge Eupen 4 : 0
Tip - 2                     (2,45)  0:1
**Iako nam tradicija sugeriše da danas odigramo na Halifax jer su kod kuće uspešniji verovaćemo informacijama koje imam i danas igramo na goste jer je domaćin danas bez 7 standardnih igrača.
Halifax će danas nastupiti bez: S.Džonsona (21/0), N.Hotte (19/0), C.Oliver (20/0), M.Kosilo (17/5), B.Tomlinson (15/0), D.Čarls (9/0) i M.Dukvort (M 4/0).
Kvota na goste je vredna pažnje i svakako je treba iskoristiti.
**Although tradition suggests that today we play at Halifax because at home we will be more successful with the information I have today playing for the host because it hosts today without seven standard players.Halifax will play today without:S.Džonson (21/0), N.Hotte (19/0), C.Oliver (20/0), M.Kosilo (17/5), B.Tomlinson (15/0) , D.Charls (9/0) and M.Dukvort (M 4/0).
The odds on guests are worthy of attention and should definitely be used.
01.12.2017.    FRIDAY
Tip - GG&3+           (2,853:2
**Ne volim mnogo da igram Francuze jer su jako nepredvidljivi kada su njihovi mečevi u pitanju.Izuzev PSG-a svi ostali timovi mogu da pobede svakoga u svakom trenutku.Iz tog razloga danas sam se odlučio da igram uvodni meč ovog kola gde se sastaju dva tima iz sredine tabele.Može se reći da je Dijon prijatno iznenađenje do sada a sa druge strane da je Bordeaux pomalo razočarao i da su se očekivali bolji rezultati od njih.U svakom slučaju danas ćemo se pozabaviti golovima jer su treneri oba tma najavili otvorenu i napadačku igru.Do sada je bilo golova na njihovim međusobnim mečevima a Dijon je trenutno u seriji od 4 meča gde je dolazio predloženi znak dok je Bordeaux u seriji od 3 meča sa igrom GG&3+.Danas očekujem golove sa obe strane a kvota na igru Tip-GG&3+(2,85) je više nego dobra i svakako je treba iskoristiti.
**I do not like much to play the French because they are very unpredictable when their matches are in question. PSG's all other teams can win everybody at any time. For this reason, today I decided to play the opening match of this circuit where two teams meet from the middle of the table.That is to say that Dijon is a pleasant surprise so far and on the other side that Bordeaux was a little disappointed and that they expected better results than them.In any case, today we will deal with goals as the coaches both announced the open and attacking The game has now scored goals in their matchmaking and Dijon is currently in the 4-game series where the suggested sign is coming, while Bordeaux in the 3-game series with the GG & 3 + game. Today I expect goals from both sides and the Tip-GG 3 + (2.85) is more than good and certainly should be used.
explanation games:
2+ (over 1,5),3+ (over 2,5),4+(over 3,5) etc...
0-1(under 0,5)
0-2(under 1,5)
2-3 (2 or 3 goals on match)
1&2+ (home team win&scored min.2 goals)
2&2+ (guest team win&scored min.2 goals)
T12+ (home team scored min.2 goals)
T22+ (guest team scored min.2 goals)
GG (both team score)
GG&3+ (both team scored & min.3 goals )
1/1 (half time & full time)
1GG (both team score first half)
2GG (both team score second half)
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