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@ V.I.P. - SINGLE'S @ Archives - 09 - 20. May 2020.


24.05.2020. SUNDAY
Tip - 1                 (2,15)0:3
**Schalke had the misfortune to go to the guests in Dortmund, who are fighting for the title, after the break due to Kovid-19, and of course they easily lost with 4: 0. In the same round, coach Herlich's players lost at home against Wolfsburg with 1: 2 in a match where they conceded a goal in the 90th minute and where VAR annulled their goal. As things stand today, Schalke is a big favorite to win because they lost only two matches at home this season, against Bayern and Leipzig, while the Augsburg team before Kovid-19 was in a series of 5 consecutive away defeats in which they scored only one goal. . Schalke still have a chance to reach the No. 6 position that would take them to Europe and with today’s 3 points they would overtake Wolfsburg who are now No. 6 so they have a great motive to play to win. Both teams will be missing 5 players, some of whom have been injured for a long time, so they will not play for Schalke:
Mascarell O. (Groin Injury); Stambouli B. (Foot Injury); Todibo J. (Ankle Injury); Harit A. (Knee Injury) and Kabak O. (Back Injury).
Augsburg will be without: Finnbogason A. (Knee Injury); Asta S. (Knee Injury); Giefer F. (Foot Injury); Hahn A. (Tendon Injury) and Schieber J. (Calf Injury).
It is realistic to expect Schalke to win today and because of that
 Tip -1 (2.15) odds that can double your bet and for the braver ones who like higher odds they can try Tip -1&2+(2.65) or Tip -1&3+(3.40) because in almost all of his victories at home Schalke scored 2 or more goals. Also, whoever wants can try Schalke's handicap victory, that is, the victory with two goals difference Tip -HP 1 (4.00) Good luck to everyone who follows me.
Head-to-head matches: SCHALKE - AUGSBURG
05.05.19 BUN Schalke Augsburg 0 : 0
13.12.17 BUN Schalke Augsburg 3 : 2
12.03.17 BUN Schalke Augsburg 3 : 0
07.05.16 BUN Schalke Augsburg 1 : 1
31.10.14 BUN Schalke Augsburg 1 : 0
05.10.13 BUN Schalke Augsburg 4 : 1
01.09.12 BUN Schalke Augsburg 3 : 1
04.12.11 BUN Schalke Augsburg 3 : 1

Tip - GG&4+       (2,50) 0:5
Head-to-head matches: MAINZ - RB LEIPZIG
24.05.20 BUN Mainz RB Leipzig ? : ?
02.11.19 BUN RB Leipzig Mainz 8 : 0
03.05.19 BUN Mainz RB Leipzig 3 : 3
16.12.18 BUN RB Leipzig Mainz 4 : 1
29.04.18 BUN Mainz RB Leipzig 3 : 0
09.12.17 BUN RB Leipzig Mainz 2 : 2
05.04.17 BUN Mainz RB Leipzig 2 : 3
06.11.16 BUN RB Leipzig Mainz 3 : 1

23.05.2020. SATHURDAY
Tip - 2                 (2,25)1:1
Tip - 2                 (2,45) 2:4
22.05.2020. FRIDAY
Tip - GG&4+               (3,70)4:0
21.05.2020. THUERSDAY
20.05.2020. WEDNESDAY
Tip - 2&2+           (2,55) 1:3
* away team win & over 1,5 goals 
**After the initial bad start, Bate Borisov got in form and now they are in a series of 6 wins (one of which in the Cup) and one draw, so as expected, they took the first position. Today, they are going to the guests in Brest near Dinamo, against which they have an excellent score as guests, where they last lost in the championship back in 2007. From then until today, they have never lost in the championship, so it is obvious that they are a real nightmare for the home team. On the other hand, Dinamo started quite solidly and now they are halfway through the points won with a score of 4-1-4. It is realistic to expect the victory of the home team here and the odds on Tip -2 (2.15) pay quite solidly and can double your stake, so whoever wants can play like this. TAURUNUM1X2 will, as always, play a higher odds for its subscribers, so we will play  Tip -2&2+(2.55) here, because in almost all victories as a guest, Bate Borisov scored at least two goals. Good luck to everyone who follows me.
Head-to-head matches: DYNAMO BREST - BATE
25.09.19 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 1 : 1
31.10.18 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 1 : 3
15.04.17 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 1 : 1
02.04.16 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 1 : 4
31.10.15 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 0 : 1
27.04.14 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 0 : 4
06.07.13 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 0 : 0
06.04.12 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 0 : 2
27.11.11 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 1 : 1
19.04.11 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 0 : 3
22.08.10 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 1 : 4
13.09.09 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 1 : 2
05.07.08 VL Dynamo Brest BATE 1 : 3
18.05.2020. TUESDAY
Tip - 1                   (2,10)4:6
Tip - 1                   (1,95)3:6
17.05.2020. SUNDAY
Tip - 6+                  (3,70)1:3
SEOUL- GWANGJU (South Korea)
Tip - 2/1              (27,00)0:0;1:0
16.05.2020. SATHURDAY
V.I.P.SINGLE odds:5,00
Tip - DI 1+&II 1+   (5,00)1:0;2:1
*home team  score over 0,5 first half& over 0,5 second half 
V.I.P.SINGLE odds:6,10
Tip - IGG&4+          (6,90)0:0
*first half both team score & over 3,5
V.I.P.SINGLE odds:6,70
Tip - DI 2+              (6,70)f.h.2:0
*home team  score over 1,5 goals in the first half
V.I.P.SINGLE odds:6,90
Tip - IGG&4+          (6,90)1:0;3:1
*hfirst half both team score & over 3,5
Tip - 2/1                (29,00)0:0;0:3
15.05.2020. FRIDAY
V.I.P.SINGLE odds:4,30
Tip - 1/1&2+            (4,30)2:0;3:0
*half time/full time & over 1,5 goals
**Yesterday, the offer was really weak, so we only played a free single in the reserve league of Belarus, where we guessed that both teams would score in the second half with a nice odds of 3.20 and with an incredible result (7: 0) 9: 4. Even today, the offer is not better, so there will be no V.I.P. tickets but we will still play one V.I.P. SINGLE in a match from the same league or reserve league of Belarus. The second team of Bate Borisov started very badly in the league of reserve teams, where after 8 rounds they have a score of 1-1-6 and a goal difference of 7:18. On the other hand, their today's opponent Slutsk has a slightly better score of 2-2-4 and a goal difference of 13:18. Bate has lost the last 3 matches at home, so the coach decided that today the team will be strengthened with several players from the best team who have not been in the foreground so far. On the other hand, Slutsk 2 has a score of 1-0-5 and a goal difference of 8:17 in the last 6 away games in this league. As for the mutual matches, Bate Borisov is convincing, especially at home, where they have a score of 6-0-0 and a goal difference of 25: 3. In each of these victories, Bate Borisov scored at least two goals, and I believe that it will be the same today and that he will start attacking from the start, so I expect that the issue of the winner will be resolved after the first half. The victory over the home team Tip -1 (2.45) is quite good and whoever wants can play like this. However, as always, TAURUNUM1X2 will play a stronger game 
Tip -1/1&2+(4.30) for its associates and subscribers and a quota that pays much better and is worth the risk. Good luck to everyone who follows me.
Head-to-head matches: BATE 2 - SLUTSK 2
23.05.19 VLR BATE 2 Slutsk 2  2 : 0
27.04.18 VLR BATE 2 Slutsk 2  4 : 1
22.09.17 VLR BATE 2 Slutsk 2  5 : 1
27.05.16 VLR BATE 2 Slutsk 2  4 : 0
07.11.15 VLR BATE 2 Slutsk 2  5 : 1
09.05.14 VLR BATE 2 Slutsk 2  5 : 0

14.05.2020. THUERSDAY

13.05.2020. WEDNESDAY
Tip - p.p.2            (3,95)p.p.1:0
*first half 2
Tip - 2/1             (16,50)1:0;2:1
12.05.2020. TUESDAY
11.05.2020. MONDAY
Tip - I2+&II2+    (4,40)1:0;4:0
*I2+&II2+ (first half over 1,5& second half over 1,5)
10.05.2020. SUNDAY
Tip - X                  (3,35)2:1
Tip - I 3+             (3,40)f.h.2:1
*I 3+ (first half over 2,5 goals)
09.05.2020. SATHURDAY
MANAGUA - R.ESTELI (Nicaragua)
Tip - GG&3+         (3,25)1:3
*GG&3+ (both teams score & over 2,5)
MANAGUA - R.ESTELI (Nicaragua)
Tip - 2GG              (10,20)0:0;1:3
*2GG (both teams score in the second half)
**Posle pauze koja je bila uslovljena virusom COVID-19 i prekidima svih šampionata (osim Belorusije i Nicaragve) danas nastavljamo sa klađenjem.Počinju neke lige pa ćemo videti šta možemo od toga dobiti. Za početak jedan singl iz Nikaragve gde se igra revanš meč finala Clausure. Managua je Clausuru završila na poziciji broj 1 sa ubedljivih 42 boda i gol razlikom 33:15 dok je Esteli šampionat završio na poziciji broj 2 sa osvojenih 35 bodova i gol razlikom 29:11. Prvi meč finala završen je nerešenim rezultatom 1:1 a po meni ponovo treba očekivati golove sa obe strane i u revanšu jer na terenu Manague gosti skoro uvek daju neki gol a sigurno je da će domaći tim napadati u želji da osvoji titulu i opravda prvo mesto na kraju šampionata. Kvota na igru Tip - GG (2,20) plaća veoma dobro i ko želi može da odigra ovaj singl ali kao i uvek TAURUNUM1X2 će potražiti veću kvotu i ovde ćemo odigrati Tip -GG&3+(3,25)kvotu koja zaista plaća odlično. Za one hrabrije koji vole velikie kvote mogu da pokušaju igru Tip -2GG (10,20)- oba tima daju gol u drugom poluvremenu. Srećno svima koji me prate.
**After the break that was conditioned by the COVID-19 virus and the interruptions of all championships (except Belarus and Nicarague), we continue betting today. Some leagues are starting, so we will see what we can get out of it. For starters we play a single from Nicaragua where the rematch of the Clausura final is played. Managua finished Clausura in position number 1 with a convincing 42 points and a goal difference of 33:15, while Esteli finished the championship in position number 2 with 35 points and a goal difference of 29:11. The first match of the finals ended in a draw 1:1 and I think we should expect goals from both sides and in the return match because on Manague the guests almost always score a goal and it is certain that the home team will attack in the desire to win the title and justify first place at the end of the championship. Odds per game Tip - GG (2.20) pays very well and whoever wants can play this single but as always TAURUNUM1X2 will look for a higher odds and here we will play Tip -GG&3 + (3.25)odds that really pays great. For the braver playrs who likes big odds, they can try the game  Tip -2GG (10.20)- both teams score in the second half. Good luck to everyone who follows me

explanation games:
2+ (over 1,5),3+ (over 2,5),4+(over 3,5) etc...
0-1(under 0,5)0-2(under 1,5)
2-3 (2 or 3 goals on match)
1&2+ (home team win&scored min.2 goals)
2&2+ (guest team win&scored min.2 goals)
tm12+ (home team scored min.2 goals)
tm22+ (guest team scored min.2 goals)
GG (both team score)
GG&3+ (both team scored & min.3 goals )
1/1 (half time & full time)
1GG (both team score first half)
2GG (both team score second half)

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